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Rounded Corners  DSC0630 DSC00243 copy copy (2)  DSC0745 (1)  DSC0087 copy (1)  DSC0046 (2) (1) IMG 8229 copy1 copy 1 DSC08940 copy DSC03003 copy2 DSC00928 copy2 DSC00177 copy (1) DSC00512 copy1 DSC00489 copy wm DSC00362 copy wm DSC00329 copy DSC00544 copy DSC00188 copy 1 DSC02975 copy DSC00237 copy1 1 1-Recovered DSC00208 copy1 DSC00176 copy1 (2) 1 (1) DSC00151 copy2 DSC00140 copy2-Recovered DSC00132 copy copy (2) (1) DSC00122 copy1 2 1 DSC00118 copy (1) DSC00112 COPY-Recovered (1) DSC00111 copy1 1 DSC00106 copy DSC00106 (1) DSC00080 copy1 (1) DSC00060 copy1 DSC00040 COPY4 (1) DSC00035 copy1 DSC00021 copy (1) DSC00014 copy (1) DSC00012 copy1052912 DSC00010 copy (2) 1 DSC00007 copy (1) DSC00004 copy1 DSC00003 copy1 2 (2)


As A kid I always had either a 110 film camera or most likely a camcorder in my hand as a child. I was always the one that was assigned to usually do video for family and friends. At some time it felt like a thankless task and burden but now I realized it prepared me and gave me an unexpected edge when I decided to get serious and take on photography professionally. My specialties are Sports, Families, Couples, Children, Seniors, headshots, and weddings.

I desire to capture the essence, beauty, strengths and mood of what or whom I am shooting. I much prefer on location portraiture as it simply gives an excess of opportunities to highlight whom the client is that is something best suited outdoors.

The ideal image captures the convergence of light, moment and composition. When everything aligns, it’s spectacular. I believe that if you are going to do something such as this which bares such great responsibility, that you need, rather have no choice. but do it correctly. Those that don’t believe this outnumber those that do, and ruin once in a lifetime moments. I did not take on customers for almost two years after my first high end camera purchase as I did not think it was right to give sub standard quality to any paying customer. I practiced on friends often, and only took on clients once I mastered the software side of photography as well as the lighting and shooting aspect.

DSC09351 copy DSC 0064


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